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Island Weddings

We recently delivered a beautiful 4 tiered pearled beauty to The SpringHouse Hotel on Block Island RI. We recommend reaching out to our shop 8-12 months before your island wedding so we have ample time to plan, book ferries and prepare for your dream wedding cake.

Can I just say, "WOW"!!! This is by far my favorite wedding delivery. From the ferry ride, the New Shoreham town landing, the shops and The Springhouse hotel; it was just amazing. And a lot easier to get to than you would think. The hotel was just a 4-5 minute ride from the ferry landing. Tanya, the wedding coordinator from Springhouse Hotel, made it so easy for us upon delivering. Everyone at the hotel was so nice and helped us out with this massive beauty and other desserts the couple ordered.

The only tricky part? Having to back up our SUV onto the ferry with this beautiful wedding cake inside!! But we made it and can't wait to get back over to Block Island.



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